London comes in last

Tower Bridge in London

For the first time, the hotel price comparison has compared European cities on the basis of the popularity of their hotels. Hotels in Dresden received the highest ratings from travellers. Hotels in the classic city break destinations, such as Amsterdam, Copenhagen and London had the worst ratings. The results were brought together in a Reputation Ranking.

The trivago Reputation Ranking is an analysis of the European hotel industry and its touristic popularity. It is based on 2.7 million hotel reviews for 13,000 hotels in 50 European cities. With an average of 81.39 out of 100 Dresden is the number one city in the Reputation Ranking. Closely followed by Bruges with 80.08 points and Bologna with 78.71 points; the city at the river Elbe has some of the most popular hotels in Europe. Hotels in the Austrian city of Salzburg are also highly favoured by travellers. With an average of 78.59 points, Salzburg is in fourth place in the overall European top list. With 78.10 points, Venice just makes it into the top five.

London’s hotels have the worst reputation in Europe

British cities barely make it into the European Reputation Ranking. Hotels in the English capital, London (69.89) is ranked last Birmingham’s hotels second last with 70.90 points. The city of Edinburgh has the best online reputation in the United Kingdom, in 29th place with 75.23 points. The Greek capital – Athens – is in 46th position with 72.69 points, the Danish capital Copenhagen (71.26 place) in 48th place. Not much better are the overall ratings for hotels in Amsterdam (71.56, place 47) and Paris (72.93, place 44).

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