Improved news coverage

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We know you prefer to be kept up to speed on the latest travel and hospitality industry developments, and strive to accommodate your needs, to the best of our ability.

The newsroom is on the constant look-out for ways to improve your user experience. Our latest additions in that respect are the European industry news, as well as global news, from HSMAIeConnect, both found in the middle section of the sidebar – above and below the central ad on the right hand side.

Exclusive for HSMAI members

We’re also working on ways to make our own services, activities and offers more available to our users, but in addition to the news brought on-site, HSMAI members throughout Europe will also receive our new quarterly magazine, issued for the first time by the end of April.

If you haven’t joined us yet, please see this page.

We would greatly appreciate any suggestion in order to further improve our on-line services. Please send a brief email to if you come up with ideas that may be useful. Thank you very much in advance!