Trend Seminar At The Ritz

The Ritz Hotel, London

Ingunn Hofseth. Small thumbnailHSMAI Europe eventually landed on the Ritz hotel for its Trend Seminar in London Thursday 9 December, opening at 9 AM, with an introduction by HSMAI Europe’s president and CEO Ms Ingunn Hofseth (right), followed by an interesting lecture, given by long standing HSMAI member and Director of the Senior Executive Programme at London Business School, Mr Michael Nowlis (depicted – text continued below photograph).

Michael Nowlis, London Business School

The lecture, named Mega trends in the Tourism Industry: Implications for Leaders in the Travel Sector, will be touching on subjects such as:

[…] the radical changes revolutionizing their commercial sector. Shifting paradigms in consumer behavior, mergers & acquisitions, strategic marketing, organizational design, service delivery, knowledge management, risk analysis, product development and electronic distribution are radically altering the business of selling travel, accommodation, food service and recreation. Understanding the complex relationships between these disparate activities and thinking strategically to maximize profitability are critical to success. Key topics will include asset acquisition in the hotel industry, strategic alliances in the airline sector, the role of e-business in achieving competitive advantage, changing concepts of service excellence and the development of new-wave tourism products. A series of mini-cases will illustrate examples of business excellence and strategic failure in the hotel, restaurant, airline, cruise, duty free, tour operator and travel agency sectors.

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