Great opportunities for HSMAI in Europe


HSMAI Europe is facing a great opportunity for growth in several European markets, encompassing all segments of the travel and hospitality industry. In our encounters with members, as well as prospective members and possible partners, we have been met with repeated reassurances of the continued need for an organisation like ours.

The HSMAI brand is strong in some countries, while relatively unknown in others. Both categories have greeted us with open arms and suggested activities to launch in various areas. They all acknowledge the potential, emphasising the need for us to reach out and seize the opportunity.

Companies, organisations and individuals alike have expressed great interest in our products, and there are many who are willing to help us succeed in our endeavours, which has made it a lot easier for us to identify the vast potential for attracting strategic partners and the basis for potential membership across Europe.

There’s no denying that recent activities in a number of European countries have contributed to the overwhelmingly positive response, which is something we will continue to bear in mind. Please see this recent report.

Ingunn Hofseth. ThumbnailMeanwhile all of us in HSMAI would like to use the opportunity to wish you all a very Happy New Year.

Ingunn Hofseth
HSMAI Europe