Lufthansa wanted as SAS owner

A Lufthansa Boeing B 737 in Frankfurt (photograph from Lufthansa)

The Scandinavian business travelers’ agree. They want Lufthansa as owner of SAS airline, regardless if they are Danish, Norwegian or Swedish. No other airline even comes close, according to a press release from Swedish analysts Resegeometri.

In Resegeometri’s Nordic independent airline study 2011 as much as 51 % of the Scandinavian business travellers point to Lufthansa as the obvious choice in the event of possible changes in the SAS ownership structure.

“There are mainly three reasons why the business travel customers would prefer Lufthansa as owner,” says Vice President Jan Borg at Resegeometri Nordic AB. “Lufthansa is considered the best guarantee of a development in line with Scandinavian interests and needs, they are believed to have the best travel alternatives in terms of destinations and schedules, and are considered to offer the best service and quality.”

15 % of the business travelers would prefer continued Inter-Scandinavian state ownership in order to secure the region’s interests.

10 % consider AirFrance/KLM the best alternative, 8 % British Airways and 6 % Finnair.

Photograph: A Lufthansa Boeing B 737 in Frankfurt (photograph from Lufthansa)