New website for HSMAI Europe 2.0

Saturday 14 April saw the end of HSMAI Europe’s old website, originally introduced in the summer of 2009, which has been closed for four days, pending today’s launch of 2.0 – even though the term “launch” is fairly loosely defined.

“We prefer to call it a soft launch,” says HSMAI Europe’s president and CEO Ingunn Hofseth, continuing:

“We still have a way to go before we’re completely happy with all functions, features and designs, but had to compromise, seeing as we also have pressing information to convey. Still, the website is presentable enough, and certainly better than the old version, so all in all we are very pleased.”

Seamless and mobile

Ingunn Hofseth, HSMAI Europe's president and CEO.
Ingunn Hofseth, HSMAI Europe’s president and CEO.

According to Hofseth, the new website will be tightly integrated with other HSMAI services, such as the upcoming Internet based TV channel, HSMAI Channel, to be introduced during the autumn of this year – as well as the various social media outlets in which HSMAI Europe is present.

“Another important factor for us,” adds Ingunn Hofseth, “is the tremendous growth in mobile Internet use, prompting a long overdue redesign, into today’s responsive design, optimising the website for both mobile phones, tablets and traditional computers. I strongly recommend trying the made-over site on a mobile phone or a tablet. We have been advocating so-called responsive designs for years, therefore we are very happy to finally comply with the doctor’s order.”

More to come

HSMAI Chapter Norway launched the same design about a week ago. Other European HSMAI sites are currently in the making, including, of course, the HSMAI Channel. More on this in later news.

The new sites are developed by Jarle Petterson, also responsible for the 2009 versions of and