HSMAI Europe partnership with eHotelier

HSMAI Europe and eHotelier are delighted to announce the signing of an agreement to work in partnership to support professional development within the industry.

HSMAI Europe purpose is to be the hospitality industry source for knowledge, community, and recognition for leaders committed to professional development, sales growth, revenue optimization, marketing, and branding.

“We are delighted to work with eHotelier, one of the leading web portals for hoteliers, hospitality, catering and culinary professionals, for the benefits for our members,” says Ingunn Hofseth, CEO and President of HSMAI Europe.

“We are very pleased with the cooperation with HSMAI Europe. 25 % of our membership are based in Europe so this is a win win partnership for both parties,” says Fritz Gubler, President of eHotelier.

eHotelier is at the forefront of industry news and developments. With over 69,000 members from 229 countries and more than 40 industry experts contributing insights regularly, eHotelier ensures hospitality professionals remain current on global trends and developments.

What this means for you
All members of HSMAI Europe are encouraged to join eHotelier to contribute and collaborate with global industry leaders. eHotelier and HSMAI Europe will regularly share editorial content and webinars. HSMAI Europe and their active members will be even more visible through this new partnership.

Both HSMAI Europe and eHotelier will work together to promote, attend, or potentially also co-host events in the future.

We will be announcing further initiatives in the coming months, including education, industry learning and development initiatives.


About HSMAI Europe
HSMAI Europe is the hospitality industry source for knowledge, community, and recognition for leaders committed to professional development, sales growth, revenue optimisation, marketing, and branding. HSMAI Europe is a global organisation of sales and marketing professionals representing all segments of the hospitality industry. With a strong focus on education, HSMAI Europe has become the industry champion in identifying and communicating trends in the hospitality industry while operating as a leading voice for both hospitality and sales and marketing management disciplines, as well as connecting its members with customers. www.hsmai.eu

For additional information, refer to our website at www.hsmai.eu or follow us on Twitter @hsmaieurope and at Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HSMAIEurope

Read more about membership of HSMAI Europe here: http://hsmai-europe.com/about/membership/

About eHotelier
eHotelier is the global portal for hospitality professionals serving hospitality professionals from over 229 countries since 1999.

In addition to the daily newsletter delivering expert insights and industry news to over 68,000 members, the eHotelier Academy provides online education including over 130 courses, 15 professional certifications as well as an extensive library of professional reference books, white papers and digital publications.

The Jobs channel offers recruiters an industry specific platform to promote their available roles to members. The eHotelier Event, Education, Supplier and Association directories provide a valuable B2B platform connecting buyers and sellers globally. Discover eHotelier