Second webinar in Digital Marketing held today

Terri Scriven, Industry Head of Hospitality of Google UK, and Vice Chair of the HSMAI Europe Digital Marketing Advisory Board held HSMAI Europe second in a series of webinars on digital marketing this morning.

This was a high level overview on programmatic and we will get into it in much more details for the hotel and travel industry for future webinars and conferences.

Today’s webinar to be found in its entirety here. You need to register to get access.

Upcoming subjects

Revenue Optimisation
Resort Marketing
Reputation Management
Service Operation
Leadership Development
Conflict Management
Event Marketing
Time Management
Conflict Management

A total of up to 30 webinars are to be held on an annual basis. Needless to say we are very exited to bring this offer to our members, and do hope you will find them useful.

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Photo: From today’s webinar with Terri Scriven