Check your spam filter

Since we started issuing HSMAI Europe’s weekly newsletter, HSMAI Weekly (see last week’s issue here), we have received feedback from friends and members reporting missing newsletters.

Email envelopeAs most of our newsletters are distributed to a substantial amount of addressees, our normal email services would be too slow for the expedient distribution on which we depend. For the very same reason HSMAI Weekly and a handful of our other email bulletins are distributed through a carefully selected third party supplier, Elastic Email, which, technically speaking, is the real sender.

The problem, of course, is that HSMAI Europe isn’t the company’s only client. Elastic Email – and similar services – may, more likely than not, be used by parties employing third party suppliers for their mass distribution of repeated spam, which is something neither Elastic Email themselves nor we can limit or control.

With all probability the problem has forced some email servers to blacklist email from Elastic Email (including HSMAI’s) and other third party distributors.

If you are an HSMAI member who for some reason haven’t received HSMAI Europe’s emails for some time, we urge you to contact your postmaster (your email administrator) to make sure that the following email domains are whitelisted:


You may also want to check your own email client’s (such as Microsoft’s Outlook) spam filter. Should you encounter any of our emails in your trash mail folder, please “exonerate” it by right-clicking it, and select “Never block sender”.

Either of these steps should reinstate HSMAI Europe’s emails as safe – and wanted – reading. We are grateful for your continued member- and readership, but wouldn’t want you to miss out on important information.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.