Nordic Choice Hotels to donate 5000 nights for refugees

In a meeting with the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) this week, the Norwegian-based hotel chain Nordic Choice Hotels offered 5000 hotel nights for free, in order to accommodate the current refugee influx.

“We nurture a contributing culture,” says owner and chairman of the board Petter A. Stordalen in a press release. “When I promised to facilitate rooms for 1000 refugees last spring, I acted on an immediate gut feeling, as an expression of frustration over what went on in and around the Mediterranean. The response within all of Nordic Choice, and the hotel that assisted UDI last weekend, has been overwhelming. The need is considerable, so we would like to contribute even more, which is why we now offer 5000 nights for free, in an bid to alleviate the situation,” he continues.

UNICEF-earmarked support

Also, Nordic Choice Hotels decided last Friday to donate NOK 2 million to UNICEF and their humanitarian efforts for people on the run, and those in immediate need of care in Syria.

“The world is facing the largest humanitarian disaster in Europe since World War 2,” says Nordic Choice Hotels CEO Torgeir Silseth. “It is plain impossible to remain unaffected by the human tragedies unfolding in the Mediterranean. On behalf of all of Nordic Choice Hotels we wish to contribute and to help with everything we can,” he says.

For more on Nordic Choice Hotels’ contribution, please see this Forbes article:

Photo: Nordic Choice Hotels CEO Torgeir Silseth (left) and owner/chairman Petter A. Stordalen. Photograph from Nordic Choice Hotels.