HSMAI Profile: Frank Reeves

Frank Reeves
CEO and Co-founder

Frank is a member of the HSMAI Europe Digital Marketing Advisory Board, as well as CEO of Avvio, with whom HSMAI Europe has been working close with for more than a year now.

Q: What is the best part of your job?

A: It’s such an incredible feeling to be a part of a client’s success and I’m frequently inspired by my team. I still feel like a software developer so when innovative/disruptive thinking turns into live customer products, I’m often the most excited person in the room.

Q: Do you have anyone you have been looking up to?

A: Too many to mention, but the quality I most admire is a willingness to put your neck out, try something different and be willing to adapt accordingly. The guys who founded Stripe.com (Patrick and John Collison) are from my home town of Limerick and I really admire what they are doing. And of course Chuck Norris!

Q: Do you have any nice traditions at your office?

A: Product show-and-tell is always a great day at the office. Every 3 months we bring our 4 offices together to talk strategy and performance, which is always really juicy. Last month we booked out a cinema close to our HQ offices for this full-team get together and gave James Bond a good run for his money!

Q: How long have you been a member of HSMAI?

A: Just over a year now.

Q: What do you think is the best thing about HSMAI?

A: I really enjoy working with the digital advisory board on the roll out of the forth-coming Digital Marketing Certification and of course the conferences are great, too. HSMAI Europe brings together so many inspirational and accomplished thought-leaders across the travel industry, so it’s really great to learn and share ideas at those events. They have managed to foster a unique community of members who are very sharing and supporting one another, which is remarkable.

Q: Are there any activities or projects you think HSMAI should start up?

A: We’re really looking forward to the launch of the Digital Marketing Certification, so we look forward to collaborating on what kind of events and activites happen around that, plus we’re already working with HSMAI Europe to revive its presence in Ireland through a series of events – so the projects we feel are worthwhile are already in motion!

Q: Describe your perfect weekend.

A: My week-day routine means my body clock will wake me around 5am and I really enjoy that micro-moment when I realise I don’t have to get up. I’m normally quite happy to plan my entire weekend around food, friends, coffee and exploring London, which usually means spending the day walking from Hackney (for bread) through Soho (coffee) and onto Borough Market (for everything else).

Q: If you were trapped on a desert island, what would you take with you, if you could choose one thing?

A: Probably my surf board. Not needing a wetsuit would be a very nice change.

Q: What is the title of the book about your life?

A: Surfing the travel technology wave

Q: What is your next travel destination?

A: My wife and I will break in the new year with some lovely valpolicella in our favourite Agriturismo (we booked direct of course!).

Q: Do you have any special hobbies?

A: Yoga, boxing, surfing, hiking.