HSMAI Profile: Paul van Meerendonk

Paul van Meerendonk
Senior Manager – Advisory Services
IDeaS Revenue Solutions

Paul is the Vice Chair of HSMAI Europe Revenue Management Advisory Board.

Q: What does a day at work consist of for you?

A: I am either travelling and working with clients on innovative and exciting Revenue & Pricing projects, or I am on conference calls with our scientists, analysts and advisory team members around the world, from China and South-east-Asia to London and the US.

Q: What’s the best part of your job?

A: Bringing innovation in analytics and pricing optimisation to clients at all levels to help them stay ahead of the curve.

Q: Do you have anyone you’ve looked up to?

A: That would be my father. As a hotel general manager he showed that taking risks, working hard and focusing on your family and friends can be combined – and that you can have fun while doing it!

Q: Do you have any nice traditions at your office?

A: Most of my team is home-based or located in offices around the world. Therefore the best tradition we have is to make sure that we all meet together once a year to celebrate our successes and to plan together for the future. It has provided a solid foundation for the team and created great bonds even across great distances.

Q: For how long have you been a member of HSMAI?

A: I have been a member of HSMAI for about two years now – joining both HSMAI Europe and the HSMAI Europe Revenue Management Advisory Board when both were growing in importance across the continent.

Q: What do you think is the best thing about HSMAI?

A: There are actually two things: 1) It is a great way to meet industry colleagues and interact both professionally and socially. 2) HSMAI allows and enables these relationships to grow and foster innovation and growth for the industry as a whole.

Q: Are there any activities or projects you think HSMAI should start up?

A: The HSMAI Europe RM Advisory Board has recently launched both an educational Webinar series and introduced efforts to help develop young RM professionals. I believe these initiatives are great in helping younger or new colleagues to learn and grow within the industry. I look forward to HSMAI Europe continuing down this path to help our industry’s continued development.

Q: Describe your perfect weekend.

A: My perfect weekend would be travelling to a new city or town for leisure (not business!), enjoying the local culture, food and activities together with family and friends.

Q: If you were trapped on a desert island, what would you take with you, if you could choose just one thing?

A: Fire – I’ve seen enough survival shows to know that without fire you won’t get anything done!

Q: What is the title of the book about your life?

A: The eternal journey – destination unknown.

Q: What is your next travel destination?

A: For work I have Las Vegas on the calendar as my next planned trip (there are worse places!). For leisure, I would love to go to one of the great cities in Italy this year.

Q: Do you have any special hobbies?

A: People would be surprised that with all the travel I do for my work, travelling is still one of my biggest hobbies.

Q: Thank you for your time. Do you have any personal comments?

A: I’m really looking forward to the HSMAI Europe ROC conference in February to meet up with old and new friends and colleagues. See you all there!

Photo: Paul van Meerendonk, Senior Manager – Advisory Services, IDeaS Revenue Solutions. Photograph from IDeaS Revenue Solutions.