21 January: Pre CRME webinar on Total Revenue Drivers

The next pre CRME webinar, on Total Revenue Drivers, will be moderated by Cidalia Pinto Coelho, Director of Revenue Management at Louvre Hotels Group, to be held on Thursday 21 January. Save the date now!

The webinar, starting at 3 pm CET, is the fourth in a series of webinars leading up to HSMAI’s CRME (Certified Revenue Management Executive) certification.

This particular webinar will focus on driving revenue through digital and social media, as well as total hotel revenue management.

Cidalia Pinto CoelhoThis webinar’s moderator is Cidalia Pinto Coelho (left), Director of Revenue Management at Louvre Hotels Group.

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The HSMAI Europe pre CRME webinars are based on various chapters of the global CRME study guide, The Evolving Dynamics of Revenue Management. Each webinar concentrates on specific chapters and allows you to hear invaluable insights from the top leaders of Revenue Management. It is free to sign up.

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