HSMAI searching for mentors and mentees

We have been working on developing and shaping our Mentor Programme for some time now, together with some of our members, who, like us, are very passionate about developing others and finding talent.

We are happy to announce that the programme is at a stage where we are ready to start involving many more of you in order to have our first Mentor teams starting this year. We will invite our Mentors to the programme kick-off at the French Riviera’s Port La Galère on 28 September, in the same place where we will have our Leadership Day, which is going to be on 27 September. We are looking forward to work closely with many great talents and mentors. Text continues below presentation.

We will put a development plan together for the Mentor teams, including aspects such as key areas of competences and development as well as concrete actions for a short and long term. This will make it easy for the mentors to plan and follow up on the development path of the mentees.

We are very excited to see this important programme move forward and would like to thank all who have already shown their support and have been involved in it. Please let us know if you wish to be a mentor or would like to have a mentor.

Top photograph: From HSMAI Region Europe’s National Conference in Dublin in October 2015.