Mentor Names announced in May

HSMAI Region Europe will introduce the first mentors of the HSMAI Region Europe Mentor Programme this May.

The Mentor Programme has been in the making for some time now with the support of some of our close advisors and boards. Now we are at a stage where we have been contacted by many interested mentors and mentees and are happy to establish our first mentor-mentee teams and get the programme up and running.

The HSMAI Region Europe Mentor Programme is not just targeting the youth but it is aimed at people of all ages.

Regardless of age or position, I have always been attracted to passionate and ambitious people. Meeting people who are passionate about what they do – be it work or other parts of their life – keeps me motivated. I am always happy to meet successful and driven people who still remember where they came from and who recognise the people who helped them get there.

I admire people who make others around them shine. I strongly believe it is important to acknowledge the people who have helped you to develop and also to give back to the industry.

Throughout my career I have been very lucky to have mentors who have helped me to develop and grow. Especially I would like to mention Leif R. Evensen whose persistence made me start at HSMAI – and here I still am. Leif is recognised as “Mr. Cornell” in many parts of Europe for his extensive work for the Cornell University. His passion for helping others grow and develop continues to inspire me to this day.

During the last few years I have had the pleasure to get to know Michael Leven who is a well-respected Hotel Icon in the US. With an impressive career and academic background, Michael Leven is known to many for his past position of President & COO of Sands Corp. (LVSC). He is a fantastic supporter of HSMAI in the US and their Leadership Day is named after him. He inspires us to focus on leadership development and I am lucky to test my ideas on him from time to time, almost like a mentor.

In order to learn, grow, and share, it is wonderful to be part of a global network. I am glad to work closely with Bob Gilbert and his team at HSMAI in the US and also Jackie Douglas at HSMAI Asia Pacific, as well as HSMAI Holland’s Hans Poortvliet. Together we share ideas and support each other in order to work in the best possible way for the benefit of the Hospitality industry.

The HSMAI Region Europe Mentor Programme is meant for people of all ages and at any point of their career. I believe that even on a high level people can greatly benefit from having a mentor in addition to internal development within the company in order to continue growing and developing themselves. It is great to learn from others, and being around people of different ages and backgrounds always gives us new perspectives and ideas.

If you would like to be a mentor or would like to have a mentor yourself – or maybe both – please contact Roksela at for more details.

Please see questionnaire for mentors/mentees and other documentation here (as fillable Word document).

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Warm regards,
Ingunn Hofseth
President & CEO
HSMAI Europe

Top photo: HSMAI Region Europe’s Mentor Programme. Photographer: Jarle Petterson


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