HSMAI Region Europe Profile: Dan O’Sullivan

Dan O’Sullivan
VP Travel Solutions EMEA

Dan and some of his key team members from Translations.com got CHDM (Certified Hospitality Digital Marketer) certified in Berlin in March.

Q: What does a day at work consist of for you?

A: I am on the road about 75% of the time, so most days consist of traveling to meet existing or prospective clients to look at how we are performing as a partner for existing clients or, for prospective clients, how we can help them streamline their multilingual communication strategy.

Q: What’s the best part of your job?

A: The people I get to work with, both internally and externally. I think in general the travel
industry attracts a fun, dynamic and diverse crowd, so I feel honoured to work with some amazing professionals.

Q: Do you have anyone you’ve looked up to?

A: I am a big fan of biographies and so there are a huge number of people that I look up to but in general, folks like Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela, who use nonviolence as a way to drive change and I find them incredible role models. In business, I am incredibly inspired by people like Elon Musk who is looking to save the world in commercially viable ways. The fact that he effectively made renewable energy and sustainability into an aspirational brand is extremely inspiring.

Q: Do you have any nice traditions at your office?

A: We just had a surprise party in Amsterdam for a team member’s 10 year anniversary. About 15 people travelled in from around Europe and we pulled up on a boat to surprise him.

Q: How long have you been a member of HSMAI?

A: This is our first year of membership.

Q: What do you think is the best thing about HSMAI?

A: We had the opportunity to have our Account Management team participate in the HSMAI Digital Marketing training and certification session, which was super helpful in building their understanding of how our clients in the hospitality space are marketing and make sure we are delivering the best language strategies for those needs.

Q: Are there any activities or projects you think HSMAI should start up?

A: I am new to the organization, so haven’t had a chance to experience most of the existing activities. I should be able to give a better answer after our first year of membership.

Q: Describe your perfect weekend

A: Spending time with my family in the mountains or the beach, eating great food, doing something active like surfing, skiing or cycling, reading a good book and taking several naps.

Q: If you were trapped on a desert island, what would you take with you, if you could choose one thing?

A: My family. My daughter is currently obsessed with the movie The Swiss Family Robinson, so I think she would be quite keen on the idea.

Q: What is the title of the book about your life?

A: Yes man.

Q: What is your next travel-destination?

A: Ericeira, Portugal for a family holiday.

Q: Do you have any special hobbies?

A: Not sure that they are special but I like cooking, eating, cycling, skiing, and reading.

Q: Thank you for your time. Do you have any personal comments?

A: Thanks for having me :)