The Service Plegde

For many years HSMAI in Norway has nurtured plans for our concept, The Service Plegde, an initiative made to improve the quality of service, including interactive workshops, awaiting the right time to launch in full scale, as a European initiative. We are now ready to renew the material.

Some of the workshops will be held already during the late autumn, with the official launch to be held at the Meeting & Event Exchange in Oslo on 25 January, at which some 500 participants are expected.

We will use proven gamification techniques to embed two-way communication, promote active listening and boost immersive participation. We will use the latest technology and adapt it to our members’ needs, aiming at preparing the business’ or region’s Service Pledge.

New logos, games and other material is due to be developed during the upcoming months, so there’s lots to be looking forward to. This is going to be great. Also we are probing a closer partnership with colleges and universities across Europe, who also aim to see others, as well as themselves, succeed.

This will be among the most important ventures we have undertaken, so more to come in the following months.

Ingunn Hofseth. Thumbnail

Warm regards,
Ingunn Hofseth
President & CEO
HSMAI Region Europe