HSMAI Region Europe puts together Destination Marketing Advisory Board to boost destination segment

HSMAI Region Europe is in the process of setting up an advisory board for destination marketing.”We have experienced successes with the many HSMAI Region Europe Advisory Boards already in place,” says HSMAI Region Europe President and CEO Ingunn Hofseth, while expressing well-founded hope that this board will too.

As tourism continues to grow globally, new ways are required for destinations and overall tourism development, both for business and leisure.

It is more important than ever to take care of the total customer journey. Ultimately, it is the sum of the experiences at all contact points where the customers meet the destination, which in turn creates the brand. And that determines how the guest “rates” the destination and the experience.

The margins for making mistakes are small so high demands for quality assurance, service recovery strategies, distribution strategies and good destination management systems are necessary, but also provide enormous possibilities.

In response, HSMAI Region Europe is creating a Destination Marketing Advisory Board that will bring together some of the brightest minds of the segment, and foster growth and collaboration among DMOs in a concerted effort to develop the competence.

“The various Advisory Boards put together by HSMAI Region Europe, have proven themselves as instrumental in the industry’s development within areas such as revenue management, digital marketing, sales and distribution and more,” says chair of the HSMAI Region Europe Digital Marketing Advisory Board, Niklas Schlappkohl in a statement, continuing:

“With the advisory board for destination marketing in place, HSMAI Region Europe reinforces its position as a leading European travel and hospitality powerhouse.”

The new advisory board’s first meeting will take place during the HSMAI Region Europe Leadership Day in Frankfurt on 6 September.