A rewarding week – and HSMAI America’s 90th anniversary

What a week it has been for us in HSMAI, starting off with the Norwegian HSMAI Day in Oslo! We would like to take the opportunity to thank all those who contributed, as speakers and panelists – and, of course, the participants. Simultaneously an Oslo meeting took place, gathering corporate customers as advisors, with the 10 January HSMAI Meeting and Event Exchange in mind.

Last Tuesday morning we set off to Frankfurt, in preparation of the following day’s HSMAI Region Europe Leadership Day, consisting of loads of updates and discussions, attended by a great number of our many Advisory Boards’ members.

Among other things the various Advisory Boards held separate meetings for several hours, working on their respective definitions and visions for the year 2020.  We are preparing for the future with a strong focus on the following:

HSMAI Region Europe 2018

HSMAI Region Europe 2017/2018 – Draft

We have managed to create a sound corporate culture, in which everybody contributes, among whom many with high level of qualifications, on a European as well as a global level. They enjoy getting involved in HSMAI and to meet like-minded colleagues, and where they can contribute to the further development of the industry.

On Thursday we co-hosted a conference in Frankfurt with our German partners Travel Industry Club (TIC), where we also reported on the outcome of our Leadership Day.

It has in fact been less than three years since we started working exclusively pan-European, including countries such as Germany, and we already work closely with many of the most prominent companies in Europe. We are thankful.  We will continue to work with our many Advisory Boards to drive the industry forward.

The first pan-European Leadership Day took place in Frankfurt in September 2015. Last September it was held on the French riviera. This year we returned to Frankfurt, but next year will be somewhere else in Europe.

Bob Gilbert (American and Global HSMAI President & CEO ) and I are soon meeting again, to determine how we together can cooperate in order to create more global synergies, while retaining national and regional proximity.

This week HSMAI in the US celebrated its 90th anniversary. We congratulate and salute them! We are so proud of our mutual history. I am sorry that I wasn’t able to attend the celebration, but luckily I was able to show this six-minute-long video in last Thursday’s Frankfurt conference:

Have a good weekend, and hope to see you soon!

Ingunn Hofseth. Thumbnail

Warm regards,
Ingunn Hofseth
President & CEO
HSMAI Region Europe

Photo: From HSMAI Region Europe and Travel Industry Club’s joint Frankfrurt conference on Thursday 7 September 2017.