Letter to HSMAI Holland & RevenueProfs members

Letter to HSMAI Holland & RevenueProfs members regarding: 2018 HSMAI Holland Transformation & Membership Privileges

Dear (Name)

We hope you’ve had a great and relaxing summer! As promised we hereby send you the follow up mail on our email of June 6th with regards to the advancement of the HSMAI Holland transformation towards becoming part of HSMAI Region Europe.

First of all we want to say a big thank you for your support of HSMAI in Holland. The outcome of the various questionnaires we sent you these last couple of months shows that the membership at large has been satisfied with the service and events from HSMAI over the years and we hope that you too will continue being a member of HSMAI Region Europe in Holland in the future. Especially as there are so many good, exciting and practical reasons to do so!

HSMAI Holland activities & structure in 2018 – brief summary

For starters – as part of HSMAI Region Europe – we will of course continue to offer you the type of inspirational events that you have become used to over the years. But in addition to that we will offer you many more ‘cutting edge’ activities. Especially developed for you by HSMAI Region Europe Ltd. and many of them taking place right here in Holland*). Most members of the current HSMAI Holland Board as well as the RevenueProfs Taskforce have agreed to continue as a National HSMAI Holland Advisory Board to look after your interests in particular. And we’re also extremely happy to announce that Kathelijne Soydan will continue to work part time for HSMAI as the Event Manager for our activities in Holland. Hans will continue his involvement with HSMAI ‘behind the scenes’ as a strategic advisor to HSMAI Region Europe. Finally, with regards to the membership structure; this will change from an individual to a corporate membership. We will incorporate both the regular HSMAI and the RevenueProfs membership – and thus allowing more people in your organization to develop themselves in the areas of sales, marketing, revenue management , leadership development and service operation. All this in order to enable them even more to strongly increase your company’s revenue and bottom line.

For more information, please click the following links:

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We hope and assume that you realize how valuable your HSMAI Membership will continue to be for you and your company in the competitive- and fast changing world we live in. We therefore strongly suggest you grab the opportunity to stay ahead of your competition. You can do so by simply joining us in a stronger than ever HSMAI Region Europe as of January 2018. We’re here for you!

Kind Regards,
Ingunn Hofseth, Hans Poortvliet, Robert Melaard


Save the date for the following meetings in Holland in the last months of 2017:

September 19th – HSMAI Educational (Rotterdam)
September 26th – RevenueProfs
October 12th – HSMAI Region Europe Launch Event (Amsterdam)
November 2nd – HSMAI Educational
November 23rd – RevenueProfs