Free Report: The Great Unanswered Digital Questions Of Hoteliers – Traffic & Conversion

Is my hotel website conversion good? How much traffic should my website be receiving? What are the top converting international markets? Who should I be targeting with my online advertising to achieve the highest ROI? What are the industry averages?

Hospitality specialist digital and creative agency 80 DAYS are using their free benchmarking product, 80 DAYS Benchmark, to help begin answering some of these burning questions in their latest report The Great Unanswered Digital Questions of Hoteliers ‐ Traffic and Conversion.

This report will answer;

  • What is a good monthly website traffic for a hotel?
  • What is a good website conversion rate?
  • Does star rating affect conversion rate?
  • Which international markets convert best?
  • Does a website visitor’s age/gender impact conversion rate?
  • Does your TripAdvisor ranking affect conversion rate?
  • And more!

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