A new membership option in Europe

A new option for membership in HSMAI is available for 2018: Organizational Membership. With an Organizational Membership, the company will be the HSMAI member, and multiple corporate employees will have access to a wide-range of unique member benefits.

Organizational membership benefits

A voice in the development of content, insights, and educational programs that represent the voice of and advocate for sales, marketing, distribution, culture & people, and revenue management.

Executives from Organizational Members will have the unique opportunity to share trends and predictions that will guide the priorities for the content and educational programs that will be produced by the association through a uniquely facilitated Curate – an HSMAI Executive Insights Forum event that will be held two times per year. It is a singular opportunity to connect with contemporaries around emerging issues and growing trends –– resulting in invaluable insights that can help them and their companies lead through the most critical business concerns that the industry is, and will be, dealing with.

The first Curate will take place in Amsterdam on April 11th (The day after ROC & DOC) and in London on September 13th 2018.

Read more about the new membership options in Europe here:

2018 Hotel & Travel Organizational Membership

2018 Vendors Organizational Membership 


For more information or questions, please contact us at postbox@hsmai.eu