HSMAI offers a wide range of membership benefits outlined in these following (clickable) main categories:

HSMAI Region Europe Membership for hotels, airlines, destination companies, cruise lines, tour operators, restaurants, event agencies etc.

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HSMAI Region Europe Associated Membership For suppliers and vendors

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HSMAI Organizational Membership

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The leading meeting place of the industry.


The Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI) Region Europe is committed to growing business for the hotel, event and travel industry and their partners, and is the industry’s leading advocate for intelligent, sustainable revenue growth on a local, national and European level. The association provides practical tools, insights, and cutting edge expertise to enable knowledge sharing and enhance professional development as well as fuel sales, inspire marketing, transform businesses digitally and optimise revenue.

Service Pledge

We pledge to provide transparent and neutral environments
We pledge to drive personal and professional growth
We pledge to be your industry point of reference
We pledge to provide you with cutting edge tools to grow your business
We pledge to go above and beyond to engage you

About membership in HSMAI Region Europe

Our aim is to be the leading meeting place of the industry, and to achieve that we organise many events all over Europe throughout the year.

HSMAI Region Europe also has several Advisory Boards that provide the platform for the leaders of the industry to come together and work on unifying their field of expertise in Europe. Read more about our Advisory Boards here:

We keep the industry up-to-date on Digital Marketing trends.
We educate and unify the field of Revenue Management in Europe.
We gather together the industry experts on Sales.
We also have an Advisory Board on Distribution.

We are now about to formalize two new Advisory Boards: One on Culture and People and one on Innovation

As HSMAI member your key member benefits are:

Tools & Insights:  From our many events

Marketing Intelligence: Best practices and case studies from the industry’s top leaders and marketers at our many seminars, meetings and conferences.

Industry Discipline-Specific Education: Exclusive access to extensive online Knowledge Centre resources on

Peer Network: National, European and Global contacts.

Awards, surveys and certifications.

Peer Network: National, European and Global contacts.

The HSMAI Day:  As member you can attend The HSMAI Day for free in the country you are registered. 

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Significant savings: As an HSMAI member you get special member pricing (30% discount) on all HSMAI programs and events, and can take part in our activities together with other industry leaders:

Let us know what part you want to play to shape the future of the industry.

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Associated members have no right to vote at the national General Assembley