HSMAI Region Europe Membership for hotels, airlines, restaurants, destination companies, cruise lines, tour operators, restaurants, event agencies etc.


The prices vary from 295 euro per person per year to 205 euro per person per year for groups up to 100 persons.

Please note the membership prices are excluding VAT which will be added for UK based companies/persons.

HSMAI Region Europe Personal Membership

Typical for one person company: 295 Euro

HSMAI Region Europe Individual Company (like one hotel or other companies)

895 Euro

HSMAI Region Europe Corporate Mini Package

From 1 to 15 persons: 3,300 Euro

HSMAI Region Europe Corporate Small Package

Up to 30 persons: 6,450 Euro

HSMAI Region Europe Corporate Medium Package

Up to 50 persons: 10,500 Euro

HSMAI Region Europe Corporate Large Package

Up to 100 persons: 20,500 Euro

Larger companies

Information on demand


-Faculty members and students at degree-granting hospitality programs and partners of HSMAI Region Europe

150 Euro

HSMAI University Package

3 220 Euro



Information on demand

Your membership will be renewed automatically and is valid for one year. If you wish to end your membership in HSMAI, you must do so in writing. Termination of membership must be submitted at the latest two months prior to your annual renewal, starting a year from your registration date. The same is applicable for all coming years. If your termination of membership is received later than two months before the end of your annual renewal date, you will be charged for another year of membership as HSMAI Region Europe will be required to pay a yearly global fee on your membership.


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